The Story of Calvary

Since we were founded in October of 1989, Calvary Christian Church has been a family-oriented church that wants to use the teachings of the Bible to form strong bonds among our church members. Founder Carlos and Carolyn Green have always wanted everyone to feel like they are among family when they are at our church, and are always willing to welcome new residents from the surrounding area who want to make new friends and devote themselves to God.


While we believe that your relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is perhaps  the most important thing in your life, your devotion to your family and loved ones is a close second. That is why we offer a variety of counseling services at Calvary Christian Church, as we want our church members to know that we are here for them during any season of their lives, all are Welcome!

Join us for our Sunday morning services. Each service always has a wonderful Spirit filled message. And you can count on being Blessed by our Praise and Worship Team who always provides us with music and songs that reaffirm our love and faith in Jesus Christ.


Join us for Sunday school for all ages beginning at 10:00 am, and be sure to be inspired and fulfilled with our weekday  service every Wednesday beginning at 7:30 pm. Please join us at Calvary Christian Church for the bible teaching Word of God!